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Liquor Industry Compliance Working Group


Liquor Compliance Working Group Meeting 

Thursday, September 25th at 10:00am to 2:00pm 


Bryan Cave

1700 Lincoln Street, Suite 4100

Denver, CO 80203




August 19th Meeting





June 6th Meeting
Minutes Agenda
-  Pre-Break Recording  
-  Post Break Recording  


April 25 Meeting

Minutes - Agenda
- Pre-Break Recording - Responsible Vendor Act & Subsequent Rules
- Post Break Recording - CFR 27 Part 6
  - CFR 27 Part 8
- CFR 27 Part 10
  - CFR 27 Part 11
- Industry Circular 82-12
- Industry Circular 89-4
  - Industry Circular 93-6
- Industry Circular 2003-3
- Industry Circular 2004-5
- Industry Circular 2012-1
- Industry Circular 2012-2
- Liquor 2013



March 28th Meeting

- Minutes

- Agenda
- Bullets - Liquor Beer Code
- Recommendation Template - Liquor Special Event Permits
- Pre-Break Recording - Colorado Liquor Code
- Post-Break Recording - Colorado Liquor Rules



The Colorado Department of Revenue (Department) and the Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division (Division) are seeking your input and participation in a series of workshops designed to enhance the working relationship between the Division and the Liquor Industry and identify effective and transparent regulatory processes.


Working Group Members 

 Kelly Rosenberg

 Attorney General's Office

 Erick Bergman

 Colorado Counties, Inc  

 Kevin Bommer

 Colorado Municipal League

 Sharon T. Liu

 Community Prevention Representative 

 Ron Kammerzell

 Department of Revenue

 Kevin Patterson

 Governor's Office

 Officer Brady Allen

 Law Enforcement Representative

 Patrick Maroney

 Liquor Enforcement Division

 Rep. Dan Pabon

 Colorado Legislator

 Andrew Lemley

 Liquor - Brewery (Small Brewery)

 Bob Hunt

 Liquor - Brewery (Large Brewery)

 Shayne Madsen

 Liquor - Brewery (Large Brewery)

 Laura Long

 Liquor - Brewpub

 Stephen Gould

 Liquor - Distillery (State View)

 Joan Green Turner

 Liquor - Distillery (National View)

 Jeanne McEvoy

 Liquor - Off Premises (Statewide)

 Jim Shpall

 Liquor - Off Premises (Independent)

 Pete Meersman

 Liquor - On Premises (Restaurants)

 Dave Reitz

 Liquor - On Premises (Taverns)

 Micki Hackenberger

 Liquor - Wholesaler

 Doug Caskey

 Liquor - Winery (State)

 Chuck McGrigg

 Liquor - Winery (National)

 John Tipton

 Liquor Attorney

 Manuel Martinez

 Liquor Attorney

 Ilana Kurtzig


 John Carlson Jr.

 Member at Large



Liquor Industry Members & Stakeholders Letter & Attachment