DOR Gaming
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About Us


The Colorado Division of Gaming
Our Mission — to Ensure Honesty and Integrity in the Colorado Gaming Industry.


The Colorado Division of Gaming, a division of the Colorado Department of Revenue, is responsible for the regulation and enforcement of limited gaming in Colorado. The Division, with offices in Golden, Central City/Black Hawk and Cripple Creek, employs a staff of 91 persons, which includes investigators, auditors, accountants, administrators and support personnel.


Among the duties of the Division of Gaming is the investigation of gaming license applicants, who must submit to a thorough background review. Division investigators scrutinize personal and financial histories of applicants, including the sources of all money applicants plan to invest in a proposed establishment. Background investigations have taken Division investigators worldwide to obtain information. All Division investigators have the powers of peace officers and are certified as such.


The scrutiny doesn't end once the license is issued. Division staff continue to monitor licensees for such problems as hidden ownership interests and organized crime involvement. Division investigators also patrol casinos during all hours of operation to handle patron complaints and observe for possible violations of gaming laws, rules and regulations.


The Division is also very involved in other day-to-day activities of limited gaming. In the first 19 years of gaming in Colorado, the Division's licensing section processed more than 39,000 licenses for casinos and casino employees (not including renewals).


The Division's Audit Section conducts regular compliance and revenue audits of casinos to ensure that establishments are following stringent accounting and compliance procedures to ensure proper reporting and payment of gaming taxes.


TheTechnical Systems Group oversees the approval of all gaming systems through interaction with the independent test laboratories, field trials and system reviews. 


The Field Operations Unit is in charge of the slot machine approval process, provides oversight of the compliance inspection process for slot machines; evaluation and field testing of new products; and forensic investigations of malfunctioning slot machines by compliance investigators.