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Technology Approval

The Division contracts with Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) and BMM North America to perform analysis and testing of all slot machines, component parts, software, and related systems before they are used in Colorado. The lab reviews the results of its tests (including statistical probability analysis, theoretical hold, and security) with the Division's Systems and Machine Approval Committee (SMAC) before issuing approval of the equipment they test. As part of the approval, SMAC may require the product undergo a field trial.


If either the lab or SMAC finds fault with any aspect of slot machine hardware or related systems, the lab notifies the manufacturer to correct the fault before the product can be released for unrestricted use in Colorado casinos. Manufacturers of this equipment and software pay the lab directly for this testing service.


Manufacturers who wish to supply Colorado casinos with slot machine related hardware or related systems must first be licensed by the Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission, then contact GLI or BMM to arrange testing and approval of their product, prior to its sale or use in Colorado casinos.









approval lists

Please note:

The link to the Colorado Approval Lists (approved software and hardware for all systems, including slot machines and games) has been removed. 

If you need access to the GLI website, please contact the Field Operations section in Central City and/or Cripple Creek for instructions.