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Denied Identification Card

Driving privileges or an identification card may be denied if an individual is unable to provide sufficient documentation at the time they apply. If a denial enters, it continues until at such time the individual is able to provide sufficient documentation to the Department of Motor Vehicles regarding their proof of identity and lawful presence.


While under denial, you may not drive until your license is reinstated. 


There are no driving privileges that can be granted by the Hearings Division while under this type of action. 


A hearing may be requested on this matter, however the only issue is whether the DMV properly followed the rules regarding issuance of a driver’s license or an identification card.


For further information on obtaining a Colorado driver’s license or identification card, click here.


Legal Authority: C.R.S. § 42-2-122, C.R.S. § 42-2-302



*Disclaimer: This summary was prepared by the Department of Revenue Hearings Division and should be used as a reference only. Interested parties should refer to the full text of the law and seek legal counsel before drawing conclusions.