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Name Change Application

Colorado Sunset



Name Change applications are governed by the following Laws & Regulations:


Colorado Statutes & Regulations for the Motor Vehicle Industry, Title 12, Article 6, Part 1, C.R.S and 1.C.C.R. 205-1.

12-6-104 (3) (g) (9) - Application Requirements, Regulation

C.R.S. 12-6-104 (3) (g) - Application Requirements


Colorado Statutes & Regulations for the Powersports Industry, Title 12, Article 6,Part 5 Powersports Vehicles

12-6-505 (1) (g), Regulation




DR2024 - Application for Dealer or Wholesaler License Name Change 


  • All Dealers/Wholesalers must notify the board not less than 10 days prior to the change of license (DBA) name.
  • One (1) Original Bond rider must be attached to the DR 2024 form. This bond rider must amend the principal line to reflect the licensed entity and the new DBA.
  • Franchised Dealers: Franchised Dealers must provide a letter from the Manufacturer acknowledging the name change and stating the Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MCO) will be issued in the new name.
  • One (1) copy of the new trade name registration filed with the Colorado Secretary of State’s office must be submitted.
  • The form must be signed by an: Owner, Partner, LLC Member/Manager, or Corporate Officer (president, vice president, secretary or treasurer).  The title of the person signing the form must be provided and form must be dated.
  • Retail Dealers may not have the word “wholesale” in their DBA.
  • Failure to complete all sections of the application may result in a rejection or delay in processing. 

*Note this form can also be found in the “Forms and Publications” section of this website. See All Forms by Number




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