DOR Enforcement
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does It take to get a Salesperson license?
Q. Can I sell as soon as I receive my temporary license?
Q. I forgot to mention on my license application that I was recently arrested, what should I do?
Q. I was recently arrested but the charges were dismissed do I need to notify the Auto Industry Division of this event?
Q. Does the Auto Industry Division have a listing of bond providers?
Q. How do I renew my Sales license?
Q. When does my license expire?
Q. What is a grace period?
Q. Is there a grace period in place after my license expires?
Q. What if my license has expired and so has the grace period?
Q. Will I be charged a late fee if my license expires?
Q. Can I keep my Salesperson License number or is a new number assigned to me?
Q. I am currently a licensed Motor Vehicle Salesperson, do I need another license to sell powersports?
Q. If I am renewing my license do I need to take the mastery exam?
Q. I am no longer working for the same dealer, how do I transfer my license to a new Dealer?
Q. Do I need to show verifiable ID?
Q. I am currently licensed in my state as a salesperson and I will soon be traveling to Colorado to sell at a Dealer's Sales Event is there anything I need to do?