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Filing a Complaint

Mountain Stream

The Auto Industry Division requires a formal written complaint. A verbal complaint presented over the telephone or in person cannot be accepted.


The consumer complaint forms DR 2121 and DR 2122 should be completed explaining the specific circumstances of the situation including dates, times and persons involved. A copy of all paperwork related to the complaint must be attached. Also include a home address and daytime telephone number. For convenience, a hand written or typed complaint may be filed instead of the forms below. Complaint Forms: DR 2122 and DR 2121 


The most expeditious method to file a complaint is to:    



Your complaint may also be:




Auto Industry Division - RM 112

PO Box 173350

Denver CO 80217-3350




Hand delivered: 1881 Pierce Street, Entrance "B", Room 112, Lakewood CO 80214.    


Who Handles the Complaints

The Auto Industry Division has jurisdiction to inquire into complaints in cases where a consumer has purchased a car, truck, trailer, powersport vehicle or motorcycle from a licensed Colorado dealer and a violation of the law or regulation has allegedly occurred. Also, the AID will investigate unlicensed sales activity. They do not have jurisdiction to inquire into a complaint between private parties.


Complaint Investigation

When a complaint is received, it is assigned by a Criminal Investigator Supervisor, and if determined the issues fall within the Auto Industry jurisdiction, the complaint is assigned to an Investigator. During the course of the investigation, the AID may contact the complainant to discuss the issues raised and may also encourage the dealer to contact the complainant directly to resolve the complaint. After receiving information from both parties, the AID determines if the facts support a violation of the law or regulation.


Complaint Findings 


  • If it is determined that a violation of the law did not occur, the complainant will be notified.
  • Depending on the complaint, the AID may suggest civil litigation or recommend another agency. Neither the AID nor the Board can order or direct a dealer to give a refund to the complainant. The dealer may make such an offer in an effort to resolve the complaint. The complainant may have to pursue a civil suit or claim against the dealer's bond to obtain a monetary resolution. Claims against a dealer's bond must normally be supported by a Dealer Board finding of fraud or by a court judgment.

 Further Information

If you have questions about the forms, the complaint process or an assigned complaint, contact the Auto Industry Division at (303) 205-5746. The FAX number is (303) 205-5977. Walk-in assistance is provided at the Department of Revenue, 1881 Pierce Street, Entrance "B," Room 112, Lakewood CO.