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Report Unlicensed Dealers and Sales Persons


Colorado State Capitol

Colorado statute states that "the licensing and supervision of motor vehicle/powersports vehicle dealers are necessary for the protection of consumers, therefore the sale of motor vehicle/powersports vehicles by unlicensed dealers should be prevented".

Unlicensed dealers should be reported to the Auto Industry Division.


Written complaints may be:


Scanned and e-mailed to: 


 Faxed: (303) 205-5977




Auto Industry Division - RM 112

PO Box 173350

Denver CO 80217-3350


Hand delivered: 1881 Pierce Street, Entrance “B”, Room 112, Lakewood CO 80214.


To make complaints against licensed motor vehicle/powersports vehicle dealers and salespersons, visit the Complaint and Compliance Page.


Unlicensed Motor Vehicle/Powersports Vehicle Dealers and Salespersons:Unlicensed motor vehicle/powersports vehicle dealers, "Curbstoners", pose a threat to consumers for many reasons.

  • Curbstoners are more likely to roll back odometers, commit salvage fraud and/or not disclose material damage.
  • Curbstoners often do not put the title to the vehicle in their name, so that once the deal is done, there is no evidence that links the curbstoner to the sale.
  • Curbstoners do not have a principal place of business; they have a tendency to move around, thereby making it difficult or impossible for a consumer to locate the curbstoner after the sale if a problem occurs.
  • These unlicensed dealers are not remitting sales tax to the State and local jurisdictions thereby avoiding their legal responsibilities.


Licensed Motor vehicle/Powersports Vehicle Dealers and Salespersons are regulated by the Colorado Motor Vehicle Dealer Board, the Colorado Consumer Protection Act and by federal laws. Motor vehicle/powersports vehicle dealers are licensed for the protection of consumers.