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Better Exchange of Information, Better Outcomes for Children Youth and Families

The Colorado Children and Youth Information Sharing (CCYIS) is a collaborative effort initiated by the Colorado Collaborative Management Program State Steering Committee and the Colorado Prevention Leadership Council in 2007 in partnership with the Center for Network Development, the developers of the national Governance Guidelines for Juvenile Information Sharing (Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, 2011). 


The CCYIS Collaborative is working closely in collaboration with the Governor's Office of Information Technology and the Colorado Data Government Advisory Group as one of three pilot project assiting in and contributing to the implemetaion of the Colorado Data Strategy. The work of the CCYIs Collabroative is also part of the Action Plan of the Colorado Behvioral Health Cabinet and Transformation Council.


The CCYIS initiative is also serving as a pilot of the National Juvenile Information Sharing (JIS) Initiative to test and implement the JIS Guidelines and the Juvenile Data Model – JJXDM in conjunction with a local pilot with the Jefferson County Juvenile Assessment Center, Lakewood, Colorado.



In early 2008, the executive directors of five state departments, the commissioner of education and the state court administrator, signed an MOU that included a commitment to work collaboratively on implementing the Guidelines for Juvenile Information Sharing and the formation of the Colorado Children and Youth Information Sharing Collaborative.


Participating State departments include:

Colorado Department of Education                      Colorado Department of Human Services
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
Colorado Department of Public Safety                                 Colorado Judicial Department
Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing


The main purpose of childrenand youth information sharing is to structure policy and procedures for efficient, appropriate and timely sharing of accurate information between children and youth serving agencies at the state and local levels to improve services and outcomes of children, youth and families involved in services:

1) by assisting local agencies in accessing timely and reliable information for conducting assessments and determining and coordinating appropriate services for children, youth and families;                               
2) by the appropriate and secure sharing of client level information among agencies serving children and youth;

3) by sharing data in the aggregate to inform decision making and policy development at the state and local level; and

4) by partnering with youth and families to develop effective information sharing practices that will positively impact their lives.

The anticipated outcomes include:

• data sharing agreements between State agencies that provide access to information for policy, program, service, and resource decisions;

• access to client level information on a “need to know basis" through secure methods by government and nongovernment agencies to better coordinate and determine effective services;

• improved access to information by youth and families regarding information that is collected about them; and

• improved health, safety and general well-being of Colorado’s children, youth and families.




Read some revealing remarks about what parents and youth experience with regard to collecting persoanl information and obtaining signatures for authorizing the sharing of information in 'What Youth and Parents Think About Information Sharing" (2011).


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