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Colorado Prevention Leadership Council

Agencies and Partners

Legislatively Mandated MOU Agencies:

§  Colorado Department of Education ( The Colorado Department of Education serves 178 school districts, supporting their work to provide quality learning for more than 800,000 students statewide. CDE also serves adult education and the state’s libraries. 

§  Colorado Department of Human Services (  The Colorado Department of Human Services oversees the state’s 64 county departments of social/human services, the state’s public mental health system, the State’s system of services for people with developmental disabilities, the state’s juvenile corrections system, and all state and veterans’ nursing homes, through more than 5,000 employees and thousands of community-based service providers.

§  Colorado Department of Public Safety (  The mission of the Colorado Department of Public Safety is to provide a safe environment in Colorado by maintaining, promoting and enhancing public safety through law enforcement, criminal investigations, fire and crime prevention, recidivism reduction and victim advocacy.

§  Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (  The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is committed to protecting and preserving the health and environment of the people of Colorado.

§  Colorado Department of Transportation (  The mission o the Colorado Department of Transportation is to provide the best multi-modal transportation system for Colorado that most effectively moves people, goods, and information.


Partnering Agencies:

§  Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (

§  Colorado Department of Law (

§  Colorado Department of Revenue (

§  Colorado Department of Veterans Affairs ( 

§  Colorado State Judicial Branch (

§  Colorado State University/Extension (

§  University of Colorado/Health Sciences Center (


Partners and Initiatives:

Advisory Committee on Homeless Youth (  The mission of the Advisory Committee on Homeless Youth is to end youth homelessness by improving the quality, availability, and accessibility of services provided to homeless youth and those at risk of homelessness.

Advisory Council on Adolescent Health ( The Colorado Advisory Council on Adolescent Health is an interdisciplinary, dynamic group of adolescent health experts and community advocates who are dedicated to improving the health and well-being of all Colorado adolescents.

Behavioral Health Transformation Council    The Behavioral Health Transformation Council is a collaboration between stakeholders and Colorado state agency representatives for setting priorities to guide behavioral health transformation efforts, to define annual objectives that guide implementation of transformation priorities, and to assemble subject matter experts.

Blue Ribbon Policy Council for Early Childhood Mental Health ( The Council's mission is to craft public policies and implementation strategies that support the social and emotional well-being of young children and their families. 

Collaborative Management for Multi-Agency Services ( The Collaborative Management Program use the input, expertise, and active participation of parent or family advocacy organizations to reduce duplication in services, increase quality and effectiveness of services, and encourage cost-sharing among service providers.

Colorado Connections for Healthy Schools (  Colorado Connections for Healthy Schools is a statewide initiative in support of Coordinated School Health Programs. 

Colorado LINKS for Mental Health (  The mission of LINKS is to promote partnerships among state agencies and key stakeholder groups by weaving together existing efforts to create a more coordinated continuum of mental health services for Colorado children, youth, and families.

Colorado Office of Professional Development ( ). The Colorado Office of Professional Development   is the statewide entity responsible for improving the quality of services, supports and education for young children and their families by enhancing the knowledge, skills and professional advancement of early childhood professionals. The Office uses an integrated and comprehensive system of professional and workforce development.

Colorado Systems of Care Collaborative ( The goal of the Colorado SOC Collaborative is to provide state of the art information and strategies to communities and policy makers about the system of care approach in support of an array of coordinated/integrated services and supports so that children and their families receive seamless, effective services.

Colorado Youth Development Team ( The Colorado Youth Development Team is a public-private partnership of youth and professionals that raises awareness, promotes, enhances and unites positive youth development efforts and strategies across the State of Colorado. 

Early Childhood Colorado State Partnership Colorado has many collaborative and interagency initiatives underway to build a comprehensive and sustainable early childhood system in our state. Guided by the Early Childhood Colorado Framework, the common goal of these systems-building initiatives is to ensure that all of Colorado's young children are valued, healthy, and thriving. The Early Childhood Colorado Information Clearinghouse ( provides information and resources about all matters related to the healthy and thriving development of children, birth to age 8.

Interagency Health Disparities Leadership Council  ( The Interagency Health Disparities Leadership Council provides a formal mechanism for Colorado state agencies and stakeholders to develop coordinated strategies for addressing the antecedents to health disparities, in particular, social determinants of health such as poverty, lack of education, unemployment, difficulties in accessing health and behavioral health care.

Medical Home Advisory Board ( The Colorado Medical Home Advisory Board consists of more than 40 people representing various agencies, families, hospitals, organizations and policy-makers. This board advises on the work of the Colorado Medical Home Initiative, which is dedicated to building a sustainable system that delivers quality health care for all children. Positioned within the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment as the lead agency, the Colorado Medical Home Initiative is a neutral facilitator in identifying barriers while promoting solutions in developing a quality-based system of health care for children.

Regional Prevention Services ( The Regional Prevention Services (RPS) project is a regionally-based system, funded by the Division of Behavioral Health  of the Colorado Department of Human Services and administered by OMNI Institute. The goal of the RPS project is to help build capacity within local communities to ensure long-term sustainability of services that promote healthy living for children, youth and families. The RPS project has a Regional Prevention Consultant (RPC) residing in each of the six defined regions across the state. The RPCs provide training, group facilitation, consultation and support to Colorado agencies, communities, and coalitions working with children, youth and families.

School Safety Resource Center (  The mission of CSSRC is to collaboratively assist local schools and communities to create safe and positive school environments for Colorado students in all Pre K-12 and higher education schools. 

Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral and Treatment (SBIRT) Colorado (  SBIRT is a comprehensive, integrated, public health approach based on universal screenings which create awareness about America's number one preventable health issue —substance abuse.

Teen Motor Vehicle Leadership Alliance (  The Teen Motor Vehicle Leadership Alliance is a multidisciplinary, statewide coalition that formed in November 2005 with the purpose of bringing together different state agencies, local agencies and private partners concerned about teen driving safety.

Youth Partnership for Health ( The Youth Partnership for Health is a diverse group of 14-18 year olds from across Colorado, recruited from a variety of schools, local health agencies and community programs such as Rainbow Alley and Project PAVE. The YPH convenes monthly to discuss a variety of current and emerging youth heath issues, providing open and honest feedback to programs, agencies and organizations developing programs and policies for youth.