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Health Reform: Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA)


The Affordable Care Act tasks states with critical responsibilities for implementation of new federal policies geared at reforming health care to improve cost, quality and access. Colorado has responded via Executive Order B 2010-006, creating the Interagency Health Reform Implementation Board. The mission of the Board is to provide the governance, rules and regulation, and administrative infrastructure to facilitate planning and implementation ACA in Colorado. The Board is comprised of cabinet members (which includes the State CIO) and the Director of Health Reform Implementation who are working diligently to leverage this as an opportunity to deliver better value for each health care dollar, to create a culture of health with a focus on healthy living and wellness, and to expand access to health care that is affordable.



Together, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the ARRA HITECH Act have created significant opportunities and challenges for Colorado to expand and accelerate strategies for building statewide interoperability through a digital health information infrastructure. The Governor’s Office of Information Technology and the Health Care Reform Implementation Board recognize that a broad response is needed to ensure that Colorado has the organizational infrastructure and information systems to support its goals for a high performing health care system. Leaders are revisiting initial HIT planning efforts and evaluating how to manage and take advantage of the demands being placed on states for leadership, resources and effective planning and implementation of comprehensive HIT strategies. 



For additional information and updates on health care reform initiatives in Colorado please visit: http://www.colorado.gov/healthreform