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Education Initiatives

“With a collaborative spirit, with a collaborative platform where people can upload data, explore data, compare solutions, discuss the results, build consensus, we can engage passionate people, local communities, media and this will raise - incredibly - the amount of people who can understand what is going on. And this would have fantastic outcomes: the engagement of people, especially new generations; it would increase knowledge, unlock statistics, improve transparency and accountability of public policies, change culture, increase numeracy, and in the end, improve
democracy and welfare.”

- Enrico Giovannini, Chief Statistician, Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development

The state’s education reform agenda, which has been underway for several years, implements true P-20 education alignment across the state’s education systems and is anchored by a common definition of postsecondary and workforce readiness to ensure students exit prepared for postsecondary education and workforce success.


Project SchoolView™ envisions a flexible enterprise P-20 information and knowledge management system that will equip users to manage and use information for informed decision making ensuring all students in Colorado are ready for postsecondary or workforce success. It addresses the following strategic priorities:


CAPTURE: P-20 student-focused data are effectively and efficiently collected across multiple data sources including student information, programmatic classifications and educator quality.


LINK: Data is effectively shared and exchanged across multiple agencies (human services, K-12, higher education, labor, corrections) and levels (district, state, federal) to promote accountability, inform policy and ensure a holistic view of student success.


PROVIDE: Stakeholders (parents/guardians, students, educators, policymakers and researchers) have access via interactive portals to understandable, timely and reliable information; online content; and collaboration tools to inform and improve student performance.


OIT Leadership

OIT provides the leadership to develop a shared statewide vision for the state’s human capital development system, interagency collaboration, and a strategic plan for developing new data governance and management systems. OIT also provides a mechanism to manage the connections among state agency systems, providing enterprise architecture, data governance and management that facilitate cross-agency collaboration.


OIT is a key partner with the Colorado Department of Education in developing the Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS).  SLDS is being built via a $17.4 million grant awarded to the Colorado Department of Education in May 2010 from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  This comprehensive data system will capture student data from multiple sources and allow for data sharing across multiple agencies to inform policy and make data available to parents, educators, policy makers, and researchers while also protecting privacy.  Please visit the Colorado Department of Education's SLDS web page for additional information.