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OIT and State Agency Support

Why Vendor Management?

The time, money and energy used to nurture a positive vendor relationship cannot be measured directly against the state's bottom line.  However, a well managed vendor relationship will result in increased customer satisfaction, reduced costs, better quality, and better service from the vendor.  When and if problems arise rest assured that a well managed vendor relationship will lead to a quick remedy to the situation.

How can the VMO group help?

  • Vendor management can help support timely and accurate system installation after the contract has been signed.
  • Vendor management is here to help the business secure that contractual provisions for audits, inspections, and security reviews are performed and supported by the vendor.

  • Vendor management can help facilitate communication with a challenging vendor.

  • Vendor management is here to help ensure that our strategic partners are meeting their contractually obligated performance standards documented in the Service Level Agreements [SLA].

  • Vendor management will review any state contract at the behest of the business to help leverage language within the agreements for the benefit of the state.

  • Should a dispute with a vendor arise the vendor management office is an available resource to help mitigate and resolve the dispute.

  • The vendor management office is here to help facilitate resolution between vendors and the state surrounding software licensing complaints.