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Voice, Data and Network Services

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The CSN Project Team is pleased to announce customized  "Roadshow Presentations" designed to showcase your network environment.


To request and coordinate a presentation for your department or agency, please contact the CSN Project Team.


CSN offers bundled services including MPLS, MOE, Wave, Ethernet and WAN Customer Premise Equipment Maintenance.



CSN services are now available!  

For additional information, email


or call the CSN Hotline at






Data Network / CSN (Colorado State Network)

The Colorado State Network offers bundled services inclusive of network services (MPLS, MOE, Wave, Ethernet, etc.) as well as WAN CPE (Customer Premise Equipment), maintenance, and CSN network monitoring/management.  We are continously expanding service offerings so please check back with us in the near future for updates.


 Project Implementation Schedule CSN Schedule


Service Order Form: CSN



Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)

DSL service is recommended for faster connectivity, especially for customers who repeatedly use dial-in services to places such as OIT's mainframe or servers from an off site location. DSL may be purchased as a stand alone product where only data is relayed and excludes voice capabilities.


Service Order Form:  DSL 09 DSL Order Form and Instructions 



Digital Trunked Radio System  (DTRS)



Voice Services

Voice Services is responsible for providing telephone services to state agencies in downtown Denver, Camp George West, the Kipling Complex, North Campus, Grand Junction, and Pueblo using digital, analog and Voice Over IP (VoIP) transmissions. Voice Services also provides provisioning, maintaining inventory and billing of all other statewide voice services such as:

 Bullet Audio and Web Conferencing Services

 Bullet BlackBerry Hosting Services (support Exchange platforms)

 Bullet Calling Cards (both Domestic and International)

 Bullet Cellular Phones - Equipment and Service (see below for additional information)

 Bullet DSS and ISDN/PRI Facilities

 Bullet Full Business Lines

 Bullet Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

 Bullet Long Distance Products

 Bullet Toll Free Numbers

 Bullet Video Conferencing Consulting Services

 Bullet Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)


Service Order Form:  Voice Services Order Form

Note: Effective July 2012, this new form replaces V-09 and  is to be used to order new services as well as for any moves, adds, changes, disconnection and/or repairs of existing equipment or services.


Instructions for completing form:  Voice Services Order Form Instructions (OIT CSN12)


Consolidation of Cellular Phone Plans

In October 2008, OIT completed an 18 month effort to consolidate the individual cellular phone plans used by agencies in the Executive and Judicial branches and Secretary of State's office. This consolidation allows agencies to take advantage of pooled minutes and for the state to realize a significant cost savings as well as receive enterprise level reporting.

 September 2008 Announcement to State Agencies 

 October 2008 Press Release 

 FAQ Regarding Verizon Cellular Services 

 Verizon WSCA Pricing