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Procurement FAQ

How Do I Purchase Something?

  • Be sure funding is available.
  • Be sure “need” is clearly defined. It will re-appear in the scope of work and in the evaluation process if an RFP is required.
  • Internal Procurement – click on form and orders.
  • Procurement Office obtains applicable approvals, determine procurement method and commitment vouch need.
  • Procurement assigns a purchasing agent and/or contract administrator to assist you with the remaining steps.
  • If an Invitation for Bid (IFB) is required, allow a minimum of three weeks. 
  • If a Request for Proposals (RFP) is required, allow at least 12 weeks.


What is a Program Manager?

The Contract Management System defines a Program Manager and a Contract Administrator:


The Program Manager is responsible for managing, monitoring and reporting on one or more projects being performed by a contractor/vendor; he/she is ultimately responsible for the success of any project and its continuation.


The Contract Administrator manages the contract development; his/her role is complete when the contract is signed by the Controller.


When do I conduct a pre-bid meeting?

A pre-bid meeting is not required. However, if one is conducted, it should be held after the solicitation has been on the street for several days but with sufficient time before the bid opening to allow the meeting information to be reflected in the proposal. A meeting is most useful when the characteristics of the site itself are critical to the scope of work and successful performance, e.g., where construction is involved.


Why is the Scope of Work needed?

The Scope of Work is the basis of the evaluation in the RFP process and must become the basis of the contract milestones and deliverables. The Program Manager is responsible for developing a proper Scope of Work.


Personal Services

When contracting for personal services over $5,000, consult the OIT Personal Services Waiver to determine if the services meet the conditions of the General Waiver Conditions or is considered a Waived Service. If not, complete the Certification for Personal Service Agreement form and send it to OIT Human Resources.