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Statutes and Rules

The following Statutes, Rules, and Executive Order apply to the procurement of IT resources by state agencies:


 Bullet §24-37.5-101 through 106 C.R.S.


 Bullet R 24-37.5-15(8) (8 CCR 1501-06) which governs the purchase of information technology related goods and services in emergency situations


 Bullet  Senate Bill 10-032 provides a means by which certain existing IT contracts may be amended to fully realize the benefits of centralization and standardization intended by SB08-155 and amended the Colorado Revised Statutes by adding two sections:

(1) New subsection to 24-37.5-105(10), and
(2) New subparagraph to 24-101-105(1)(a).

 Bullet  Executive Order D 016 07