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The Budget, Planning & Analysis team is responsible for comprehensive budget activities for OIT, establishing and maintaining a system of effective internal controls, establishing and maintaining appropriate budgeting sub-systems, and establishing long term strategies for consolidation initiatives and technology budget issues. This unit directs and coordinates OIT's budget program; this program provides coordination of statewide budgetary common policies and Executive Branch IT budget actions in addition to providing information technology planning, budget and analysis functions.


The Budget, Planning & Analysis section assists in designing, implementing and maintaining the centralization of the information technology budget process for the entire Executive Branch of Colorado State Government. The unit also works closely with OIT staff, department budget officers, controllers, and program staff, Office of State Planning and Budget (OSPB), and the Joint Budget Committee (JBC) to support, negotiate, present, justify, and defend consolidation initiatives, statewide common policies, rates, and IT budget requests. Several competing priorities must be balanced: the needs of OIT’s functional teams and programs, the needs of our customers, the overall statewide budgetary environment, and the service delivery concerns of citizens. These competing interests increase the complexity of the analysis to be performed by this unit.


Timothy J. Murphy, Budget Director

The Director of Budget, Planning & Analysis is Timothy Murphy who is also the senior IT budgeting and analysis expert for the Executive Branch. He and his staff provide professional management direction to the budgeting function in both formulation and execution by analyzing and/or directing the analysis of statewide budget requests.  Prior to joining OIT, Timothy Murphy coordinated all budget submissions for the Department of Health Care Policy & Financing (2001-2003) and served as the Budget Director and Statewide Common Policy Director for the Department of Personnel & Administration (2003- 2007).