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Financial Services

The Business Services Unit provides accounting, budgeting, and procurement functions and services for OIT under the direction of OIT's Chief Financial Officer, Brenda Berlin


The most fundamental operational goal for the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and the Business Services Unit  is to support OIT and Executive Branch agencies in the delivery of enterprise information technology services from a financial management perspective. In accordance with this oversight responsibility, the CFO oversees all financial activities of OIT and all IT-related financial activities for the Executive Branch and develops and administers the OIT Controls Program, which includes financial planning, budgetary controls, grants management, procurement (purchasing and contracting), accounting, auditing, and reporting.


Goals and objectives include:


 Bullet Smooth financial transition of all FTE and appropriations related to the transfer of information technology staff to OIT.


 Bullet Refinement of the OIT Controls Program to maximize information technology spend across the state.


 Bullet Consolidation of enterprise level procurements.


 Bullet Identification and realization of savings within existing information technology spend.


 Bullet Improvement of financial reporting related to information technology in the state.