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Data Center Hosting Services

Application, Database, File, and Web Servers

Hosting services for Applications, File and Database and/or Web servers includes the following:

 Bullet placement and connection of the server hardware in the data center,

 Bullet installation and maintenance of the operating system,

 Bullet administration of the server and the operating system,

 Bullet system backup and recovery, and

 Bullet performance monitoring. 


Services Order Form:  Server Hosting Services Request Form 


Mainframe Applications and Linux Server Applications

OIT's reliable and cost-effective mainframe processing services include:

 Bullet transaction-based processing (e.g., CICS);

 Bullet batch processing & database services (ADABAS & DB2);

 Bullet interactive processing (e.g., timesharing, application development); and

 Bullet security through a layered firewall and intrusion detection architecture that serves multiple servers. 


Services Order Form:  None. For more information regarding Mainframe and Linux Server Applications services, please contact the Service Desk at (303) 239-4357, option 4 or via email at OIT_ServiceDesk_HQ@state.co.us.