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About OIT


OIT'S Strategic Plan

The Governor's Office of Information Technology FY15 Playbook was published in August 2014. The Playbook is a living document that defines OIT's priorities and provides a strategic and operational roadmap for today and the future. 


OIT's Value Proposition

To enable the effective, efficient and elegant delivery of government services through trusted partnerships and technology.


OIT's Six Priorities

 OIT's Six Priorities 


OIT's Values



"The highest of  distinctions is service to others.” - King George  VI

Intentionally and generously serving others for a better Colorado.



Advocating for the innovation and change needed to transform government into an effective, efficient, and elegant functioning organization.  Proactively and positively addressing tough issues with each other and our customers.



Working cooperatively and collaboratively with others everyday and to resolve difficult challenges.  Contributing equally and promoting an open environment that improves morale and encourages cooperation.  Positively promoting the reputation of the team with others internally in OIT and externally with our customers.



Consistently conducting ourselves in a way that shows respect to others.  Appreciating the role, diversity and contribution of others we work with, both internally and externally.



Demonstrating the highest level of integrity, truthfulness and honesty through our personal conduct.  Inspiring confidence and trust in the Governor’s Office of Information Technology.


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