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Supplemental Information

Business Community Partnership

OIT requested that the business community partner with the State in achieving the C2P objectives.  In March 2008, in order to  leverage the expertise of its partners in collecting and analyzing this information,  the State of Colorado Information Technology Enterprise Architecture, Governance, and Consolidation Business Community Partnership was posted.


C2P Objectives  

Objective 1: Achieve Information Technology Strategic Plan Objectives and the Colorado Promise

Objective 2: Standardize Technology Usage, Procurement, and Contracting

Objective 3: Standardize Processes and Policies

Objective 4: Unify the Infrastructure Supporting Program Operations

Objective 5: Enterprise Level Planning

Objective 6: Effective Use of Information Technology Resources

Objective 7: Reduce Exposures Associated with Information Technology Investments


Other States With Consolidation Initiatives

The C2P engagement included detailed discussions with the Chief Information Officers and their personnel from other states involved in some phase of IT consolidation.  You may reference the detailed responses within section 19 of the C2P. 

State of Missouri

State of Utah

State of Michigan

State of Maine

State of Virginia

State of Texas

State of Maryland

State of North Carolina

State of Pennsylvania


Select Articles Regarding Colorado's Consolidation Initiative