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Annual Report

Transforming Colorado Government for Today and the Future 

The Governor's Office of Information Technology annual report provides information about OIT's approach to managing and transforming IT in the State of Colorado, our key initiatives, and a financial review.


Past reports are also available:

September 2013
Citizen Engagement Platform (CEPaaS)

This white paper focuses on ways to make government more innovative and elegant for its customers through Citizen Engagement Platform as a Service (CEPaaS). The innovative CEPaaS concept, which can be used across many different areas in government, is a secure solution allowing citizens to engage government services through a common platform, thereby reducing government costs and increasing citizen satisfaction. 

April 2012
Colorado Information Marketplace (CIM)

This document describes the architectural framework for information exchanges in Colorado.  In addition to reading this document, please visit the Colorado Information Marketplace at data.colorado.gov.

October 2011
Data Management Strategy 

This document outlines the state’s data management and governance program. It describes the key business drivers behind the program, the status of the as-is environment of data today, the organizational alignment of the program, and the migration plan for moving forward with an enterprise approach. 

January 2010
Geospatial Information Advisory Council 2009 Annual Report Framework 

This annual report describes the current state of and progress toward achieving the objectives, roles and responsibilities assigned to the Colorado Geospatial Information Advisory Council by the State Chief Information Officer. 

November 2009
Government Data Advisory Board Annual Report - 2012

This annual report issued by the Government Data Advisory Board (GDAB) discusses the progress made over the past year and key recommendations for the following year.  Prior reports are also available:

GDAB was created via HB09-1285 to provide recommendations on the policies necessary to develop a data protocol that will facilitate cross-agency data and information sharing. 
January 2013

Government Data Advisory Board - Early Childhood Universal Application Subcommittee Biannual Report

TheSubcommittee's first report to the State CIO and GDAB in compliance with C.R.S. §24-37.5-703.7.

December 2010

Government Data Advisory Board - Education Data Subcommittee Annual Report

The Subcommittee's second annual report to the State CIO and GDAB in compliance with C.R.S. §24-37.5-703.5.

December 2010
Guidelines for Information Sharing 

Guidelines developed in an effort to standardize the approach for information sharing initiatives and to bring best practices to bear on these efforts. 

June 2010
Mapping Better Services: A Plan for Geographic Information Technology in the State

This report identifies some of the successes achieved from GIS consolidation to date, obstacles encountered, and a set of recommendations to produce an effective and efficient enterprise GIS operation. 

July 2010
Moving Colorado to the Cloud: A Business Case 

A white paper discussing the challenges faced by Colorado's state government and the opportunities presented by cloud computing. 

May 2010
OIT Cloud Strategy 2011

This document is OIT's roadmap for cloud computing across the enterprise. 

 October 2011

OIT Playbook for FY2014-15 (FY15)

The FY14 Playbook is OIT's strategic roadmap for the fiscal year.  It is a dynamic document that defines OIT's priorities and provides a strategic and operational roadmap for today and the future. The Playbook from prior years are also available:

August 2013
Report Concerning Data Sharing Protocols 

Report issued by the Government Data Advisory Board (GDAB) to the Colorado General Assembly. 

March 2010
Secure Colorado Colorado's Strategy for Information Security and Risk Management - Fiscal Years 2014-2016 June 2013

Strategic Plan for the Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Office


This Plan outlines the EPPMO's four major strategic goals and supporting objectives.

June 2010
The Compass: Enterprise Architecture 2011-2014

This OIT Tech Roadmap sets the direction for future technical solutions across the enterprise as well as a path for execution. 


 October 2011







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