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The Selection Process

The Colorado State Constitution and the Colorado Revised Statutes governing selection require all classified positions (meaning covered by the state personnel system) be selected and promoted through a competitive examination of merit and fitness.  On occasion, the Governor's Office of Information Technology (OIT) recruits for non-classified positions, which are generally in top-level management positions or in grant-funded and therefore time-limited positions.  Non-classified employees are considered 'at-will' and not accorded the same rights as employees in the state personnel system, and selection for these positions may not follow the same process as for classified positions.


For all classified positions, the end result of the selection process is to arrive at a top group of three applicants from the applicant pool for the appointing authority (supervisor who is hiring for this position) to select from. The top group of three applicants is derived from testing and/or other assessments of their knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics needed to successfully perform the job.


Typically, the process of arriving at a top group of three individuals follows:

  • All open-competitive career opportunities at OIT are announced on the Colorado State Government Job Announcement website.
  • Applications for announced positions will be accepted until the closing date advertised on the job announcement.
  • Pay particular attention to the minimum qualifications and the necessary special requirements.

* Each position is different, so even if you have applied for a similar position in the past, make sure you meet the qualifications of the posted position.  

* Application requirements are stated clearly on each job announcement in the “How To Apply” section.

  • Unless indicated otherwise, you must be a resident of Colorado to apply.  At times, positions will be open only to current state employees and this will be specified in the job announcement.


  • Submitted applications are reviewed to identify applicants meeting the minimum requirements listed in the job announcement.
  • All applicants who meet the minimum qualifications for a posted position are invited to participate in a fair and open competitive examination of job-relevant competencies.
  • Applicants who do not meet the minimum requirements are notified by electronic mail of their status.

  • When filling a vacant position, the State of Colorado requires the use of an examination process to identify the top three candidates.  When more than three applicants meet the minimum qualifications, an examination of job-related competencies must be used to determine the top three candidates.  Following examination results, applicants will be notified of their status in the exam process.
  • Applicants continuing forward will receive a notification regarding the next step in the exam process.

  • The top three candidates will be referred to the supervisor of the position vacancy for interview.  Typically, supervisors interview each of the candidates on their referral list. However, a supervisor is not required to interview each of the candidates before making a hiring decision.  A review of each candidate’s resume and an interview with the candidate who is deemed the best fit for the position is sometimes sufficient to make a hiring decision.
  • The supervisor of the position vacancy will make the hiring decision.

  • After careful consideration of each candidate, a final decision is made and a job offer is extended.
  • Depending on type of work performed in the position, a job offer may be contingent on the results of a drug test, physical examination and/or criminal background check.


More information about the selection process can be found on the Colorado State Government Job Announcements website and on the Department of Personnel & Administration, Division of Human Resources website.