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IT Sustainability

March 13, 2013: We are happy to announce that the HB12-1288 working group, a collaborative effort between state agencies and OIT, has provided final recommendations for compliance with the bill's stipulations.


The working group, which included representatives from eight agencies, evaluated various standard and methodologies before making their recommendations regarding processes, policies, procedures, standards and documentation.


To better support state agencies in complying with HB12-1288 requirements, OIT has extended Governance oversight not only to Major IT projects but also to all IT projects where there is a high security risk or high architectural impact. The oversight of these projects will follow a stage gate approach and controls are being incorporated to the existing Executive Governance Committees (EGC). 


For more information about project governance or the work of the HB12-1288 working group and/or recommendations, please send an email to: OIT_EPPMO@state.co.us.


HB12-1288 Information and FAQ