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Executive Governance Committees

This section provides an overview and history of how the Executive Governance Committees process has matured over the years along with current projects and their status.


Prior to 2007, the Commission on Information Management (IMC), presided over IT projects in the state. The IMC was composed of both private and public sector members appointed by the Governor. Senate Bill 07-254 dissolved the IMC, which resulted in the establishment of the Executive Governance Committees (EGC) to improve cross-departmental collaboration and to better manage the existing major IT project portfolio. The governance model revolves around the creation of eight EGCs that provide oversight for logically-grouped departments/offices. Each EGC includes members designated by departmental executive directors and is chaired by the EPPMO Director.


  • The EGCs serve as advisory boards for making recommendations to OIT regarding changes with project funding, scheduling, release plans, staffing, and other issues which could impact a project. Projects under the oversight of an EGC are the state's largest Information Technology investments.  Projects that have an estimated cost of $5 million or greater, regardless of funding source, are automatically an EGC project.  Projects can also be designated by the Governor, State Chief Information Officer or Enterprise Portfolio Project Management Director.


Other projects are reviewed for consideration as an EGC project if they meet at least one of the following criteria:


  • The project development or acquisition timeline exceeds one year.
  • The project spans state agencies or government jurisdictions or is considered an “Enterprise” level project.
  • The project has high visibility.
  • The project is a recovery from a failed project.
  • OIT may also apply a standard risk assessment to determine if the project represents a risk not fully identified in the assessment process. Any project with a sufficiently high risk profile will be certified.


EGC Overview, Structure, Roles & Responsibilities 

A comprehensive certification process is executed on each project to ensure proper structure and processes are in place to execute the project.  In addition, EGC projects are also required to have a certified project manager, a certified assistant project manager and require Independent Validation and Verification services. 


Gating Criteria & Approval Flowchart


Certification Checklist for EGC projects


Current Projects