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EPPMO Policies & Procedures

The Enterprise Portfolio Project Management Office (EPPMO) is responsible for setting policies and procedures related to Project, Program and Portfolio Management within OIT but also for Executive Branch agencies who embark on projects that include an IT component**. 


Bullet   Standard for Project Management Methodology (POL 200-01)


Bullet   Major Projects Boards Policy (POL 200-02)


Bullet  Independent Verification and Validation Policy (POL 200-03)


Bullet   Major Projects Boards Procedure (PROC 200-06)


For access to other project management policies and procedures, please visit our PPM tool (Clarity), Knowledge Store in the Project Life Cycle Process and Procedure Documents folder or contact the EPPMO at OIT_EPPMO@state.co.us.


** More information about OIT's responsibility for statewide policies can be found under the IT Sustainability section of our website.