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Technology Toolkit


OIT Business Enablement & Emerging Technologies Initiative


About the Technology Toolkit

The Technology Toolkit is an initiative created by OIT’s Chief Technology Officer’s (CTO) Office to offer a variety of free or low cost lightweight, open source, and/or cloud-based business enablement tools, such as Smartsheets, FileZilla, etc.

***Please note that the tools available in the Technology Toolkit have been approved by the State Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and the CTO Enterprise Architecture (EA) Team for broad use by agencies, but are not supported services offered by OIT. ***


Process for Suggesting a New Tool For the Technology Toolkit

Any person may initiate a request to add a Business Enablement Tool to the Technology Toolkit by fully completing a Technology Toolkit Business Enablement Tool Vetting & Request Form and submitting it to CTO-EATeam@state.co.us for vetting and approval.

The CISO and CTO EA Team will review and test the proposed tool. Their decision to approve or deny a proposed Business Enablement Tool shall be based on their determination that:


 a) an opportunity exists to create efficiency, improve security, or enhance functionality;

 b) the state has resources with the required skill sets available to support;

 c) it is free or low cost;  and

 d) it is compliant the state’s existing security policies and standards. 


Click here to suggest a business enablement tool for the Technology Toolkit and complete a request and vetting form