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Colorado Information Marketplace (CIM)


OIT Colorado Information Marketplace FY12 Playbook Initiative


Enabling Technology Solutions Efficiently, Effectively, and Elegantly


“Errors using inadequate data are much less than those using no data at all.”
Charles Babbage


In the last few years, government at all levels has been increasing information availability and collaboration among the various entities in an effort to usher in a new era of effectiveness, efficiency and transparency. Through the Open Government Directive of 2009, the federal government required government agencies to take immediate steps to achieve key milestones in transparency, participation and collaboration. Over the last two years, Colorado has taken steps to stay on the forefront of this initiative by passing various laws and initiatives, such as the Transparency Openness Project System, to
ensure a transparent and collaborative government. 

We also understand the critical nature of timely, accurate information. Even something as simple as an inaccurate gas indicator in your car could cause you significant annoyance and disruption, especially if you were to run out of gas during rush hour. Every day, we rely on information - from knowing the time of day, to ensuring our new doctor is aware of all of our medical history. And while accurate information is a critical component to our livelihood, combining this information in new ways and with new data points can create an entirely new perspective and change the way we make decisions.

Sharing information across boundaries will improve decision-making, mission performance, and customer service.  Additionally, centralizing governance, security and standards around the information will reduce misinterpretation of data and provide the structure for ongoing, secure and reusable information exchanges. The Colorado Information Marketplace will create the architectural framework for those information exchanges by making data visible, accessible, understandable and, above all, trusted.


Read about the Colorado Information Marketplace document (published 12/12/2011)