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HB08-1364 Council

The Council's final report is now available.

House Bill 08-1364, one of Governor Ritter's priority bills from the 2008 legislative session, directs the Governor's Office of Information Technology (OIT) to convene a Data Protocol Development Council ("Council") to assist in designing and implementing an interdepartmental data protocol. 


The goal of the cross-departmental data protocol is to facilitate information sharing across agencies and assist in formulating and determining the effectiveness of state policies. This project will examine what is currently in place today, and provide recommendations for moving forward with an architecture to accomplish interagency data sharing in a uniform manner.


The mission of the Council is to provide guidance, policies and procedures for implementing a data sharing architecture across the state enterprise that will achieve the stated goal and objectives of HB-1364. The Council is comprised of representatives from Executive Branch Agencies and interested parties as deemed necessary by OIT.


HB 1364 was initially driven by distinct needs identified by the Governor's P-20 Education Coordinating Council to analyze longitudinal data regarding factors including improving teaching and learning, informing public policy, fostering a culture of evidence-based decision making, conducting research, evaluating system and program effectiveness, and providing reports to various stakeholder groups. The collective Colorado state government as an entity that provides funding, resources, and services to the citizenry of the State, has similar needs. These include:

  • The ability to analyze and determine the effectiveness of state policies and resources by examining an issue across multiple state agencies;
  • Formulate informed strategic plans for the application and use of state resources based on strong, accurate, reliable, multi-dimensional data;
  • Enable more efficient collecting, storing, manipulating, sharing, retrieving, and releasing of data across state agencies.


Cross-Departmental Data Protocol ((HB 08-1364) Project Charter