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Subcommittee Members


Education Data Subcommittee of the Government Data Advisory Board
Member Name and Agency/Group Represented Term Expires

Daniel E. Domagala - Department of Education

Ronald M. Ozga -  Department of Human Services n/a
Beth Bean -  Department of Higher Education n/a
Vacant - School District Board of Education August 2011
Ed Freeman - Employee of School District with Expertise in Data Sharing and IT August 2013
Jeremy E. Felker (Littleton) - Education Data Advisory Committee August 2011
Vacant  - Information Officers Employed by School Districts August 2011
Jody L. Ernst (Golden) - State Charter Schools August 2012
Vacant - State Charter School Institute n/a
Vacant - Boards of Cooperative Services August 2013
Julie Ouska (Elizabeth) - Information Officers Employed within State System of Community and Technical Colleges August 2013
Patrick J. Burns (Fort Collins) - Governing Boards of State Institutions of Higher Education August 2013
Emily Bustos Mootz (Denver) - Early Childhood Councils August 2012
Pamela R. Buckley (Golden) - Institutions of Higher Education or Nongovernmental Organizations August 2013
Jeffrey W. McDonald (Evergreen) - Nonprofit Advocacy Groups that work in Children's Issues August 2012
Vacant -  Statewide Membership Organizations of Education Professionals and Local Boards of Education n/a