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Board Members


Government Data Advisory Board Officers

Term Expires
   Chair: Sherri Hammons, Office of Information Technology n/a
   Vice-Chair: Dianna Anderson, Office of Information Technology n/a
   Secretary: Richard Coolidge, Department of State n/a
Board Member Name and Agency/Group Represented n/a
   Paul Engstrom - Department of Corrections n/a
   Daniel E. Domagala, Rep. Department of Education n/a
   Vicki Foreman- Department of Health Care Policy and Financing n/a
   Dr. Beth Bean - Department of Higher Education n/a
   Ronald M. Ozga - Department of Human Services n/a
   Wayne Peel - Department of Labor & Employment n/a
   Robert O'Doherty - Department of Public Health and Environment n/a
  Steve Holland - Department of Public Safety n/a
   Vacant - Department of Revenue n/a
   Vacant - Department of Transportation n/a
   Christopher G. Markuson (Pueblo) - Rep. City and County August 2013
   Dan Carroll - School District Board of Education August 2013
   Vacant - Employee of School District with Expertise in Data Sharing and Information Technology August 2013
   Dr. Patrick Burns - Institute of Higher Ed or Nongovernmental Organization August 2013