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Colorado Geospatial Information Advisory Council

Next Meeting: June 8, 2011

at 1:00 pm


601 E. 18th Ave.

Denver, CO

The Colorado Geospatial Information Advisory Council (CGIAC) was authorized as an advisory body to the State CIO through a request for participation to council members from the CIO in December of 2008. The Council represents the wide range of stakeholder interests in the state including: state, federal, county, municipal, and tribal governments as well as regional agencies, higher education and the private sector and provides input and recommendations on coordination of geospatial activities to advance geospatial information and technologies in the state.


The Council has been asked to serve the following roles:

  • Advise the State's Chief Information Officer (CIO) on plans that involve statewide GIS activity.
  • Recommend appropriate data governance, including stewardship procedures and state agency stewardship roles for priority geospatial data. 
  • Recommend metadata and data exchange standards as well as spatial information sharing guidelines among the state GIS community. 
  • Recommend procedures for defining priorities; methods to coordinate development and use of geospatial information; and forums for sharing technical expertise and ideas from all sectors in the geospatial community. 
  • Recommend an effective strategy to share and integrate spatial data across all levels of government as well as with higher education, the private and non-profit sector. 
  • Promote cross agency cooperation and recommend cost sharing and collaborative arrangements.
  • Deliver an annual progress report to the State CIO.


Council Representatives Starting January 2010

Municipal Representatives: 

  • Susan Dellinger, City of Louisville 
  • Steve Holmes, City of Loveland 
  • Katie Sickles, Town of Cedaredge

County Representatives: 

  • Barbara Morey, Jefferson County 
  • Tristan Nelson, Mesa County 
  • Cindy Jones, Bent County 

Regional Representatives: 

  • Matt Krusemark, Denver Regional Council of Governments 
  • Pete Magee, San Luis Valley GIS/GPS Authority 
  • Larry Rector, Aurora Water 

State Representatives:  

  • Chris Brown, Department of Natural Resources 
  • William Johnson, Department of Transportation 
  • Mike Nath, Department of Public Safety 

Federal Representatives: 

  • Jim Castagneri, US Census Bureau 
  • Chris Mueller, Natural Resources Conservation Service 
  • Mark Eaton, US Geological Survey 

Higher Education: 

  • Melinda Laituri, Colorado State University 
  • Conrad Stanley, Colorado Northwestern Community College

Private Sector: 

  • Jeff Liedtke, Spatial Environmental Solutions Corporation 
  • Bill Lucatuorto, Xcel Energy 
  • Tony Palizzi, Woolpert



The Council has identified three working groups to address specific issues that are currently important  in the state. In addition, the Council is narrowing down the specific objectives to be accomplished over the next two years. Progress on these objectives will be documented in the annual report to be delivered to the State CIO. The annual report will also be built on an inventory of geospatial programs or projects occurring across the state, particularly those that represent opportunities for sharing and collaboration. To collect information on these activities, the Council is requesting that members of the various stakeholder sectors fill out this form and return it to Jon Gottsegen at Jon.Gottsegen@state.co.us.


The working groups created by the Council are as follows:

  • Communication - Communication of GIS activities and resources across the state is one of the most important roles of the Council. This group will establish an effective program for disseminating this information. It is defining what needs to be communicated and how, how often, and to whom.


  • Community Anchor Institutions - Community Anchor Institutions (CAIs) is the term used by the federal Department of Commerce to describe education, health care, public safety and other government facilities. The term has been coined specifically in the context of the broadband mapping undertaken by states, but the Council is using it as a name for stewardship of an integrated, statewide, comprehensive data set for such facilities. The stewardship effort will pursue a regional approach to build, validate and sustain these data.


  • SCORE System - The SCORE (Statewide Colorado Voter Registration and Election) system maintains voter registration records for the state, built up from input by counties. The Council has been asked to provide recommendations on how GIS technologies can assist the enhancement and update of the SCORE database.


Documents from these groups will be posted on this site as the groups progress with their work.


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 Council By-Laws 

Notes from Council Meetings

Meeting Notes, January 13, 2010 

Meeting Notes, February 10, 2010 

Meeting Notes, March 17, 2010 

Meeting Notes, April 14, 2010 


For more information, please contact Jon Gottsegen, State GIS Coordinator at Jon.Gottsegen@state.co.us.