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Helpful Links for Home Internet Use



  • Cybersecurity Tips from the US Department of Homeland Security: this site provides user-friendly, non-technical tips on a wide range of common security issues including but not limited to: how to recognize spyware, viruses and hoaxes; preventing and responding to identity theft; and recovering from viruses.


  • Email Hoaxes, Urban Legends and Scams (snopes.com): this site helps you determine whether an "important" message you received that should immediately be forwarded to "everyone you know" is a hoax or urban legend. 



  • Microsoft Safety & Security Center: those using a Windows-based computer and/or Internet Explorer will find information about how to update, fix and protect their computer as well as other helpful information on this website.




  • Stop.Think.Connect (StaySafeOnline): a comprehensive website created by the National CyberSecurity Alliance to provide education on using the internet safely and securely at home, work and school.