Colorado Economic Recovery and Accountability

Carla Pacheco

Carla Pacheco

Carla Pacheco, 45, of Littleton, was laid off from her job as an events manager for an electronics company in the fall of 2008. For nine months, she searched for work. Pacheco was hired by the U.S. Census Bureau in June 2009 to work as a partnership assistant. In this position, Pacheco works with Hispanic media outlets across 10 states to help get the word out about the upcoming population count.

Before she got the job, Pacheco's impression of the Recovery Act was that it was designed to help develop new business for companies and to create jobs. She said she is grateful to have a job paid for with Recovery Act funds.

"It's incredible," she said of the Recovery Act. "It's government at work."

The mother said the job allows her to pay her bills and support her teenage daughter.

"It keeps us living and surviving. If I didn't have this job I'd still be looking. I really don't know what I'd do without this job."


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