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Alexey Bogatiryov

Alexey Bogatiryov

Alexey Bogatiryov, 24, of Centennial, emigrated to the United States from his native Ukraine in 1995 when he was 10 years old. He graduated from the University of Denver and then struggled to find work.

"After college, did whatever I could to get by. I was in a lot of debt. I relied on my credit card to get by."


In June 2009, Bogatiryov was hired as a partnership assistant for the local Census Bureau.


He works 32 hours a week doing outreach in Russian and Spanish-speaking neighborhoods.

He said the job allows him to begin paying off his debt and to cover his expenses. It also gives him personal satisfaction because he is working in public service.

"I was always interested in serving my new country," he said. The new job "will definitely help me further my career with the government. I hope someday to work with the State Department as a foreign service officer."


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