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Helping Disadvantaged Communities  (May 25, 2010)


How the Recovery Act is Helping Children 

(May 6, 2010)


April 2010 Colorado Jobs
and Spending Data

(May 6, 2010)


 Impact of Funds from on Colorado State Agency Services 

(January 29, 2010)


 Analysis of Jobs and Spending Data 

(December 28, 2009)


The Colorado Story 

(August 18, 2010


Jobs and Expenditures

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(January 21,2010)


 Federal Contracts 

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(October 27, 2009)



On July 1, 2012 the Recovery Act Transparency Board released the latest recipient reports for Q1 (April 1, 2012-- June 30, 2011), which are available on


This federal website provides various reporting resources including the ability to sort data by state. Click here to view the Colorado section of the website and will provide basic information on Colorado grants including award amounts and dollars received, along with other pertinent data.



County Reports


The county reports show a break out of Recovery Act funds going to each county. The reports were compiled from a variety of sources, including data received directly from government agencies and information posted on the federal Recovery Act website. The reports are not comprehensive and do not include a range of direct benefits to Coloradans, including tax breaks for working families and businesses and $250 checks to Social Security recipients and COBRA benefits to laid-off workers. The reports will be updated periodically.



State Contracts Awarded 


The Contracts Awarded section features a list of contractors who have been awarded contracts under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  This list is updated frequently as we are constantly receiving new information.  By visiting this page and clicking 'subscribe to this feed' you can receive notice of future updates.




The Maps section currently features two mapping applications.  Colorado Department of Transportation has created a map with all of its projects listed.  You can click on an individual project to find out more information.


This section also features the "Four Corner Perspective" map.  This map contains information about Recovery funds coming to Colorado from a wide range of source including state departments, federal agencies and individual grant opportunities.  Information about the funds can be viewed on a county by county basis or by projects.




This section contains several visual representations of the Recovery Act's impact in Colorado.  Most notably, the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund has several charts show where the money is being spent and which institutions are receiving funds.