Colorado Economic Recovery and Accountability

Science and Research Funding



Research grants from the National Institute of Health and the National Science Foundation:
The National Institute of Health (NIH) received about $8.2 billion for additional scientific research grants, of which $1.6 billion is being distributed by NIH’s National Center for Research Resources in competitive grants to non-federal research facilities. Funds will be used primarily for research grants but also to repair, renovate or construct research facilities, acquire instrumentation and other research equipment, and for NIH Challenge Grants and Career Development Awards.

The National Science Foundation (NSF) is using most of its $3 billion from the Recovery Act to support pre-submitted projects that it could not previously fund. CH2MHill has received a $7 million contract through these grants and the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research has received $18.5 million.

Colorado facilities have received more than $245 million, including:

  • Colorado State University –Fort Collins, $93.8 million for 137 grants
  • National Jewish Health, $10.3 million
  • University of Colorado at Boulder, $76 million for 130 grants
  • University of Colorado at Denver, $55.2 million for 137 grants
  • University of Colorado - Colorado Springs, $1.4 million for five grants
  • Colorado School of Mines, $8.2 million for 26 grants

Additional award applications are pending.
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National Institute of Standards and Technology:
The NIST isawarding competitive grants for the construction of science research facilities through higher education institutions and non-profit organizations. In addition, $220 million will be awarded through competitive grants and research fellowships for NIST laboratory research, measurements, and other services supporting economic growth and U.S. innovation. In April 2010, NIST awarded the University of Colorado- Boulder a $15 million grant for construction of a new biotechnology and biomedical research facility. In February 2010, NIST awarded the University of Colorado – Boulder a $20 million grant to develop and implement fellowship programs for NIST. For more information:


Department of Energy, Office of Science:
$1.6 billion nationally is available for research in basic energy sciences, biological and environmental sciences and computational sciences through the Department of Energy Office of Science. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden has been awarded $20 million in five year funding for Energy Frontier Research Center research. Proposals for the Early Career Research Program are currently under review. These funds will be awarded to individual research programs of scientists at universities and DOE National Laboratories nationwide.


Department of Energy Early Career Research Program:
In Janary 2010, five researchers at Colorado universities were awarded grants to bolster their work. Each of the researchers will receive at least $150,000 per year to cover summer salary and research expenses. Four winners are from the University of Colorado and one is from Colorado State University. These 5-year grants are designed to bolster the nation’s workforce by providing support to exceptional researchers.