Colorado Economic Recovery and Accountability

Report: The Colorado Story


The state of Colorado expects to receive more than $6.7 billion in the next two years. The largest portion of funds provides tax relief for working families and businesses. The remainder is a combination of direct aid to struggling families, loans and grants that come to Colorado through more than 140 different programs. In addition to the funds described above, Colorado also is competing for a wide range of competitive grants available through the Recovery Act, mainly in education, broadband, health information technology and renewable energy.


The day after the Recovery Act was signed, Gov. Bill Ritter appointed an oversight panel called the Colorado Economic Recovery and Accountability Board that is charged with ensuring that Recovery Act dollars are spent wisely and with full transparency. Gov. Ritter has directed his staff and state agencies to work diligently to maximize the impact of the funds to create jobs, improve infrastructure, support families in need, and boost the New Energy Economy.


Through the following resources, this part of the website offers an overview of the money Colorado expects to receive:


This report offers an overview of the funds coming to Colorado. This is a working draft that will change and get updated as more information is released by the federal government and groups involved with the funds.


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