Colorado Economic Recovery and Accountability

Broadband Mapping

The State of Colorado's first broadband mapping project began when the General Assembly passed SB08-215 and SB09-162, which directed the Office of Information Technology (OIT), working in consultation with the Governor's Innovation Council, to identify broadband service areas within the State and to produce a geographically-based statewide inventory of broadband availability. This project entitled Connect Colorado has recently completed. The resulting data and maps, available at OIT's Colorado Broadband Program page, are intended to provide the starting point for developing a strategy for broadband service deployment to the state's unserved areas and to begin the discussion of how to increase broadband adoption and usage in those areas that are currently served. The project also included the development of an interactive web service allowing citizens to toggle on and off broadband technology and speed layers, as well as demographic information, to document any inaccuracies in the current data and to enter their address and determine the providers in their area. This site can be found at
The deliverables from Connect Colorado will serve as a foundation for the ARRA-funded broadband mapping and planning project for which Colorado was recently awarded funds from the NTIA's State Broadband Data and Development Grant Program, and it will enable the State to effectively evaluate BTOP applications.
Up to date information about the State's ongoing broadband program will be posted  on OIT's Colorado Broadband Program page as it progresses. The final report and maps from the recently completed mapping project may also be found on  OIT's Broadband Mapping page.