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Framework in Action

The Early Childhood Colorado Framework was developed in 2008 as a resource and guide for comprehensive early childhood systems work in Colorado. The strength of the Framework is that in one document it recognizes the needs of the whole child and family, communicates the vision for comprehensive early childhood work, ties “comprehensive systems building” language to specific strategies for action and measurable outcomes, provides a framework to guide and focus the actions and promotes an outcomes-based approach.


In 2009, over 100 state partners developed the Framework in Action State Plan: 2010-2012 The purpose of developing this plan was to capture, integrate and guide various state efforts and initiatives as well as promote shared leadership, ownership and action towards systemic improvements and enhancements across the sectors of a comprehensive early childhood system.


The Framework in Action planning process was designed to identify focal points around which to organize state-level work, focus and coordinate activities among multiple partners, communicate cross-sector priorities and ensure public accountability for results.