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September 14, 2012



The Capital Center
225 E. 16th Avenue
6th Floor Conference Room
Denver, CO 80203
September 14, 2012
9:00 A.M.

The mission of the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing is to improve access to cost-effective, quality health care services for Coloradans.


Paul Melinkovich, President Richard Markley
Linda Andre Wendell Phillips
Jeffrey Cain Ginny Riley
Kathleen Chitty Mike Stahl
Brenda LaCombe

Mary Trujillo-Young, Vice President 


1.  Roll Call


2.  General Announcements


Date and location of the next Medical Services Board meeting: The next meeting is scheduled to be held Friday, October 12, 2012 beginning at 9:00 a.m. at The Capitol Center, 225 East 16th Avenue, Denver, CO 80203, in the Sixth Floor Conference Room.

It is the policy of this Board and the Department to remind everyone in attendance that this facility is private property. The capacity of the meeting room is 38. Please do not block the doors or stand around the edges of the room. When necessary, the Department will provide overflow space with listening capabilities via audio streaming and staff support.  Board members and the Department will make certain that all attendees who want to testify on a proposed rule or in the open forum are given the opportunity to do so. Please turn cell phones off while in the meeting room as they interfere with the recording equipment.


3.  Approval of the Minutes from the August 10, 2012 meeting
4.  Rules


Final Permanent Adoption By Consent Agenda 


Document 01 

 MSB 12-06-28-A                                                          


Revision to the Medical Assistance Rule Concerning  Reimbursement for Hospital Based FQHC Outstationing Administrative Costs, Section 8.700.8.B (Cindy Arcuri, Safety Net Programs Section)


The Medical Services Board voted that testimony on Document 01 is complete and that this item be placed on a consent agenda for final permanent adoption.  Board members may remove rules from the consent agenda to consider further comments.


Final Permanent Adoption Agenda  


Document 02

MSB 11-12-09-B                                                                 


Revision to the Medical Assistance Rule Concerning  Home and Community Based Services for Persons with Brain Injury (HCBS-BI), Section 8.515, 8.516 (Tyler Deines, Program Operations Unit) 



Document 03

MSB 12-04-27-A


Revision to the Medical Assistance Rule Concerning Medicaid Home Health Covered Services and Prior Authorization Rule, Section 8.522 and 8.527 (Guinevere Blodgett, Health Programs Benefit Policy Section)



Initial Approval Agenda

Document 04

MSB 12-07-17-B                                                                   


Revision to the Children's Basic Health Plan Rule Concerning Selection of a Managed Care Organization, Section 410 (Tana Owens, Health Programs Cross Policy Unit and Teresa Craig, Health Programs Managed Care Section)



Document 05

MSB 12-05-23-A


Revision to the Medical Assistance Rule Concerning Adding Working Adults with Disabilities as a Category Eligible to Receive Home and Community Based Services, Section 8.100 (Eric Stricca, Eligibility Policy Section)



Closing Motion For Rules Agenda

5.  Open Forum for Public Comments

      (All comments will be limited to a maximum of five minutes unless scheduled in advance.*)


6.  Department Updates
  • Developmental Disability Definition Update - Phil Stoltzfus, Long-Term Support Services Waiver Operations Unit 
  • 1293 Hospital Provider Fee Update - Nancy Dolson, Safety Net Programs Section
  • Department Updates/Questions - Suzanne Brennan, Health Programs Office Director
7.  Election of Officers
8.   Adjourn



* Arrangements for open forum comments and presentations can be made by contacting the Board Coordinator by mail at 1570 Grant Street, Denver, CO 80203; by phone at 303.866.4416; or by e-mail at

Reasonable accommodations will be provided upon request for persons with disabilities.  Please notify the Coordinator at 303-866-4416 or at least one week prior to the meeting to make arrangements.