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Proposed Incorporated by Reference Materials

Effective June 1, 2012 and according to 10 CCR 2505-10 Section 8.010, the Department may incorporate by reference a Benefit Coverage Standard into state rule that regulates medical assistance services.  All Benefit Coverage Standards that are developed through the Benefits Collaborative will go before the Medical Services Board, individually, for incorporation by reference adhering to the formal rule-making process.


Below you will find the proposed incorporated by reference Benefit Coverage Standards and the respective Listening Logs.  The Listening Log identifies all comments received by the Department during the Benefits Collaborative process, the Department's response to those comments, and whether the comment was incorporated into the Benefit Coverage Standard.


Proposed Incorporated by Reference

Benefit Coverage Standard

Listening Log

MSB Initial Presentation


MSB Final Presentation



Non-Emergent Medical Transportation Benefit Coverage Standard



December 13, 2013 On Hold

Emergency Ambulance Services Benefit Coverage Standard   



November 8, 2013 On Hold


Intersex Surgery Benefit Coverage Standard     


Intersex Surgery     

September 13, 2013

On Hold