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Prevention Quality Indicators

The number of hospital admissions for ambulatory sensitive conditions by county are known as prevention quality indicators, or PQIs. Additional information about PQIs can be obtained from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). Data on PQIs for all Colorado hospital admissions can be found at the Colorado Hospital Association web site.


The data:

  • are displayed in quintiles based on the county's performance related to the statewide median for the specific PQI (acute, chronic, or overall)

  • reflect hospital discharges attributed to county by client county of residence

  • are calculated on a per 100,000 basis to facilitate comparison with AHRQ national data.






Acute PQIs

Chronic PQIs

Additional PQIs


Diabetes, short-term complications

Perforated appendicitis

Bacterial pneumonia

Diabetes, long-term complications

Low birth weight

Urinary infections

Angina without procedure



Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease






Congestive heart failure



Adult asthma



Lower extremity amputations among patients with diabetes



Uncontrolled diabetes