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Medicaid Atlas

This Atlas of Medicaid Health Care provides county maps displaying the variation in amount of services, costs and quality rates throughout the state. The idea for this Atlas was taken from the Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care, which looks primarily at the efficiency and effectiveness of care for Medicare clients. This Atlas modifies the work of Dartmouth to present similar information for the Colorado Medicaid population. Users of this information may want to combine it with data contained in the Dartmouth Atlas web site, which provides information on the number of resources (hospitals, physicians by specialty, etc.) in a given area.


There are many reasons for variation in health care resource utilization: the health of the individual, the health care resources available, practice patterns of physicians and other health care providers and the socioeconomic status of health care consumers.


These initial maps are provided to spark investigation into variation in Colorado:


Prevention Quality Indicator Rates  


Service Utilization 




General Information