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Essential Community Providers

In order to be designated as an Essential Community Provider (ECP), a provider must demonstrate that it meets the requirements of Section 25.5-5-403 C.R.S. (2006).  These regulations require that the ECP:

  • Has historically served medically needy or medically indigent patients and demonstrates a commitment to serve low-income and medically indigent populations who make up a significant portion of its patient population or, in the case of a sole community provider, serves the medically indigent patients within its medical capability; and

  • Waives charges or charges for services on a sliding scale based on income and does not restrict access or services because of a client's financial limitations.


The Department designates ECPs.  The Colorado Division of Insurance holds the all-inclusive list of Essential Community Providers for the State of Colorado.  This list contains those providers listed in the CMS Non-Exhaustive List of ECPs as well as those HCPF designated ECPs in Colorado.


For an application to be designated as an Essential Community Provider, click here


For more information, please contact Teresa Craig.