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Reporting the Birth of a Medicaid or CHP+ Prenatal Baby

A baby born to a woman on Medicaid at the time of the newborn's birth is guaranteed continuous eligibility through the baby's first birthday. The birth of these babies need be reported to the assigned county or Medical Assistance (MA) site case worker in the client's county of residence.  For emergent requests, the Department is providing an alternate solution for medical professionals to report those births through this online form.


The online form provides a secure means of submitting the newborn's information to the Department. For emergent requests, the newborn's information will be added to its mother's case within 2 business days from its receipt (Monday - Friday except on the State Holidays). Upon submitting the online form, a confirmation will appear that should be kept as documentation of the submission.


PLEASE NOTE:  If you are a Medical Provider, please check the Web Portal within 15 days for the newborn's eligibility. If after the 15 days the newborn still does not show eligibility please e-mail, or call (303) 866-4456. 


Click here to complete the online Add-A-Baby form for emergent requests. Examples of emergent requests are: NICU, Border or SYNAGIS.


If you would like to apply for assistance for babies born to CHP+ mothers, click here for additional information on how to submit that request. These requests cannot be submitted online. 

Note:  Sending duplicate requests complicates the process and may delay the processing time.  Please submit only one request.