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Rx Review Program

Colorado has implemented a Prescription Drug Consumer Information and Technical Assistance program; titled the Rx Review Program.  The Rx Review Program is a voluntary program designed to assist Medicaid fee-for-service clients that obtain 5 or more medications for 3 consecutive months.  A qualified pharmacist will perform a medication therapy counseling session, write a summary of the session including any suggestions for changes, and send the report to the client and client's providers.


The counseling sessions are intended to:

1)  Achieve drug therapy treatment goals

2)  Minimize undesirable medication effects

3)  Improve client medication adherence

4)  Enhance medication safety

5)  Reduce health expenditures


The Department of Health Care Policy and Financing will refer eligible Medicaid clients to participating pharmacists based on the following factors:

1)  The availability of a participating pharmacist in a client's geographical area;

2)  The number of counseling sessions the pharmacist has agreed to perform;

3)  The total number of counseling sessions that can be performed pursuant to this

      program's appropriations; and

4)  The desire to perform counseling sessions on a state-wide basis



If you are a pharmacist and interested in participating in this program click here.