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Colorado Household Survey 2008-2009



In November 2008 the 2008-09 Colorado Household Survey (COHS) was initiated to collect information about the health insurance status of Coloradans. The COHS was sponsored by the Department and funded by the Colorado Trust and resulted in a more accurate assessment of issues surrounding health insurance coverage in Colorado and baseline information about coverage and access.




Availability of Results


Please click here to access the public use file.


Issue Brief 1: An Overview of Colorado's Uninsured Population  

Issue Brief 2: A Regional Profile of Colorado's Uninsured Population  

Issue Brief 3: Relationship Between Insurance Coverage and Health Care Access 

Issue Brief 4: A Profile of Coloradans Affected by an Individual Mandate





Survey development was initiated in the spring of 2008 by the Department to address the need for state and regional data about health insurance. Along with the recommendation from the Blue Ribbon Commission for Health Care Reform, these data will be used by Governor Ritter and the Department to inform health care reform policy and program development in Colorado. During a comprehensive planning process, an advisory committee was convened to develop data collection and survey methodology recommendations. Based on the advisory committee's recommendations, a four year plan was developed for the "Colorado Household Survey" (COHS) which includes:
Year 1 (2008-2009):    Survey development and data collection;
Year 2 (2009-2010):    Data dissemination;
Year 3 (2010):            Migration of the questions from the Colorado Household Survey to the
                                2010 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System and the 2010 Colorado

                                Child Health Survey at the Colorado Department of Public Health
                                and Environment;
Year 4 (2011):            Data collection through the Colorado Department of Public Health
                                and Environment.




Contact Information


For general inquiries regarding the COHS, please contact:


Rene Horton



For technical assistance, or to submit a data request for analysis of the COHS data, please contact:


Jeff Bontrager

Colorado Health Institute

303-381-4200 ext.205

Fax 303-831-4247