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Application Assistance Site

What is a Certified Application Assistance Site (CAAS)?

Certified Application Assistance Sites are volunteer facilities, organizations and individuals who agree to be listed on our Department Mapping Tool as a community resource, authorized by the Department to verify the authenticity of citizenship and identity documents required of Colorado Citizens applying for medical benefits*, and/or in need of assistance completing an Application for Health Coverage & Help Paying Costs or an Application for Public Assistance. 


How does an agency become certified?


  • The agency must complete and submit a separate CAAS Enrollment Application form for each location interested in enrolling as a CAAS.


  • The agency must agree to ensure that all staff assisting with the applications are adequately trained on:


      • the responsibilities of staff providing CAAS assistance;

      • the reporting requirements of a CAAS site;

      • the process for completing an application;

      • the proper procedures for verifying original or certified copies of citizenship and identity documents*


  • Each agency agrees to ensure all staff providing application assistance view the interactive CAAS Training presentation and submit their passing test scores to the CAAS Administrator to be issued a certificate of completion prior to providing CAAS assistance. 


  • The agency must be a community-based organization or non-profit organization that is supporting the community, not an individual's interest.


  • The agency must agree to submit all applications and documentation to the client's county department of human/social services or to the Eligibility and Enrollment Medical Assistance program (EEMAP) vendor within five business days.


* Verification of original or certified copies is only necessary when an applicant’s citizenship and/or identity cannot be verified electronically.



CAAS Application Form and Resource Documents:


CAAS Application Form 


Renewal and Update Form


CAAS Directory


CAAS Training After Site is Approved