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FY 2008-09 Supplementals and FY 2009-10 Budget Request Amendments

Submitted January 2, 2009



Schedule 2 - Summary by Long Bill Group

Schedule 10 - Summary of Change Requests

Schedule 11 - Summary of Supplementals

Schedule 12 - Summary of Budget Request Amendments



 Request for FY 2009-10 Medical Services Premiums


 Request for FY 2009-10 Medicaid Community Mental Health Programs


 Children's Basic Health Plan Medical Premium and Dental Benefit Costs


 Medicaid Modernization Act State Contribution Payment


 FY 2007-08 Medicaid Programs Overexpenditure


 Overdraw of Federal Funds Related to the Supplemental Medicare Insurance Benefit

 S-7, BA-6

 Adjustment to Prior Year Fund Splits

 S-8, BA-7

 Additional Medicaid Reimbursement to Denver Health Medical Center for Services Provided by Hosptial-based Physicians and Other Practitioners


 (Intentionally Left Blank)


 (Intentionally Left Blank)


 Nursing Facilty Audits to Implement HB 08-1114

 S-12, BA-11

 Reallocation of the Health Care Services Fund

 S-13, BA-12  

 Federal Funding for the Rural and Public Hosptials Payment and Reorganization of the Indigent Care Program

 S-14, BA-13

 Eliminate Colorado Cares Fund

 S-15, BA-14

 Reduce Funding for Administrative Case Management


 Revised Implementation of SB 06-145 Local Government Provider Fee


Non-Prioritized Supplemental Requests



 DPHE - Adjustment to Medicaid Funding for CDPHE Survey and Certification


 DHS - Regional Center Staffing High Needs Clients


 DHS - Technical Supplemental


 DHS - Colorado Benefits Management System (CBMS) Federal Reallocation


 DHS - Colorado Benefits Management System (CBMS) Refinancing